Somewhat good news

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You guys remember I posted back 07-April, that my 99 Ford had been stolen?
Well just as I was waiting to go to airport to depart Egypt, My Bride sends me a note to call.
I did, they found my pickup and the little bastard that stole it is already in jail in a neighboring county for other charges, guess they will tack on grand theft auto.
Pickup was found in his folks back yard because of a tip to the police.
crazy thing is my wife knows this kids mother.

bad news is, the kid repainted covering it with black rhino lining, cut the custom hauler flatbed into pieces, replaced with ugly big utility flatbed with a raised winch, replaced chrome front bumper with a monstrous ugly bull catcher.
also put custom deep dish rims to change from dually to single wheel.

Detective told my wife that the Dad was just ashen and sick when the key we gave them opened the doors (ignition switch had been trashed during theft to where a key wouldn't fit).

The Dad said his son asked him if he could park this "wrecked pickup he was rebuilding" there so he could use his Dads tools.
.A lot of those tools are on the flatbed and currently in impound and sealed until ???????.

Not sure when I will get it back into my possession.
Hope he didn't bugger the engine.



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