Nashville bars and 'rona numbers

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So what I gather is that the numbers were so low the H[deleted]IC didn't want to release them.


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    You got it, Susie!!!

    What's next?
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    I still believe that the whole 'rona "panDEMic" has been the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the world. Planned, manufactured, and set loose on all of us to further the control of a few rich and powerful individuals. I personally know 5 people who "tested" positive, and only one of them actually became ill, and she has COPD. The three others in her household were asymptomatic. 
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    You may have a point.  Maryland's governor bought 500,000 test kit from a company in S Korea that had never made them before, at a cost of $9 million; they couldn't be used without the reagents (chemicals) required to "develop" the tests, so they couldn't be used for 2 months.  Once the reagents were acquired, the state found that the tests didn't work --- at all.  They will go to the landfill.
    There are > 200 different test kits on the market.  All are "authorized" by the CDC; that means, their documentation looks like they probably work.  NONE have been "approved" by the CDC; that means, they were never tested, & the agency has no idea of which work, & which don't.
    There are at least 4 antibody test kits approved by the CDC.  But, even the best has an error rate of 50%.  Flipping a coin for each patient would be just as accurate.
    I disagree with grdad45; there are LOTS of rich & powerful people getting even richer, at the expense of US taxpayers.
    I don't blame the workers at CDC or FDA.  For the 3rd straight year, Trump recommended that their wages be frozen in the annual budget.  This year, he also recommended cutting future pensions in half.  I'm surprised that they have accomplished anything; they certainly aren't getting support from their boss.
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