Its a long shot

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I’m headed to Miami tomorrow for a large “classifier” match on Sunday.

I had started this year with the goal of shooting USPSA Nationals in October.

Year started well and when COVID hit my shooting dropped quite a bit.

In the beginning of the year I won the Unlimited division /non-master class in a big Glock match (707 shooters).

Then my shooting really got sporadic- especially matches.

I did not shoot the Glock Nationals (USPSA AREA 6 Championship) they moved it (date) & then really limited some of the stuff that goes with that match- so since I already wasn’t at my best, I just didn’t go.

It has since dawned on me, if I wait for perfect circumstances I will probably never do anything- so if I can make it into Nationals regardless of where I am, I need to try and do that.

That brings me to this wknd in Miami.

So here is to hoping I can rely on fundamentals & strategy to tie together 6 great runs Sunday.

I’ll keep y’all posted.

My gun is ready to run & my reloads are dialed in. So time to do my part.


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