The best surprise a man can get!

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My eldest son called me Friday afternoon saying FEDEX was bringing a package Saturday that took adult signature.  So, I stayed home, weed whacked, mowed, cleaned the garage, cleaned yard stuff up and made sure I was available at the time he estimated the package would arrive.
As 4:00 rolled around, it was tempting to call him for a tracking number but I waited, watching a Amazon movie.  I heard a horn blaring in my drive around 4:15.  Thinking WTH is that idiot FEDEX driver doing I rushed to the back door. 
In the drive sat my son with his wife Mali pulling their camper!!!
I had to cancel a trip scheduled for this week to Seattle to visit them due to China Virus restrictions.  They drove across the nation to visit the old man.  I had tears of pure joy as I hugged them both.  It is AWESOME to have them here, they can't stay long but we will have a ball until the sad time they must leave.
He made home made tacos for dinner last night and they were fantastic.  Today will be a full day with flying on the agenda along with lots of chatter and laughter.  I am ecstatic over their arrival, having your grown children show up as a surprise is a wonderful feeling.


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