Whats the trick to nail plates,,

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putting some nail plates on studs to protect pipes,wires.  How do get the plate to lay nice and flat?  Hammer one side,it pulls the other side half out.  Back and forth on hammering each end of the plate and it never does lay perfectly flat.  Whats the trick?  


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    Use a piece of 2x4 held against the plate when you whack it. They also make a stick-on plate.
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    Well, thats just too easy.  Now I feel dumb. I'll try it. Thanks Jim
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    What gauge plate are you using. We have to use a minimum of 18 gauge here.  I usually use the ones with a hole in each end for a roofing tack. 
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    14 gauge with the single hole each end
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    jimdeere has a good answer.  That's what I've done while building my shop years ago.  I wouldn't use the glue on type unless it was new construction and even then I wouldn't want to.
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    Just drill right through the middle and put a screw in it. It holds best if it goes into the soft wiring jacket below where it is held firmly between the insulated wires. /sarcasm  :Do:)
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    The ones I used had a prong on each end that you just drove in with a hammer. Fairly thick gauge metal and didn't deform.
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    Still  need to be careful even with nail plates, the ole nail guns will most often shoot right through them.
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    jimdeere said:
    Use a piece of 2x4 held against the plate when you whack it. They also make a stick-on plate.

    Ah yes, the ol' bigger hammer approach.
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    To put it succinctly, yes.
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    I think this whole issue is funny!  Some of the "nanny" building Codes are made for pure idiots.
    Here's the thing...most screws will drill through a nail plate, and if they don't someone will get a drill (before the remove the sheetrock to see what the issue is).
    Fire breaks are another.  The first thing the FD is going to do is put a hole in the wall to extinguish a wall fire.  All a fire break does is stop the water from extinguishing the fire.  Sure, it might not spread as fast, but what are we talking about here...maybe 2-3 minutes, tops?  Most people don't understand how fires are actually "extinguished".  It's not about putting out the fire itself, but rather lowering the overall ignition temperature of the fire in general.  That's why they don't hose down big fire hot spots, but rather cool the whole structure with way more water.
    So yeah, bring on things like the "nail plates"...they've fixed NOTHING!  All they've done is add cost and labor to every stud penetration.  What's even more laughable is the Code...1-1/4" from the side.  HA!!  What a JOKE!  That's the perfect center, IF the stud was this wide, but it's not...so, you have to use them.  ....so you don't drill a hole in your water pipe (because you WON"T drill one through you GAS pipe, which is what the Code is designed to prevent.  Oh yeah, and electrical too.
    GAWD...I could go on forever about this, but money grabbing Code authorities will always win!
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    Code authorities are like politicians. It’s their job to make new rules.
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    Code Enforcers are evil people.
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