Silver solder on shotgun forearm lug

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Has anyone tried using a tig welder to reflow the solder on a forearm lug for a shotgun? Curious if it will work? I'm pretty sure if i turn a gunsmith loose soldering it the traditional way I'm going to have to have the barrel reblued.


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    either way this "I'm going to have to have the barrel reblued."      just about impossible to get enough 'heat' to silver solder  a lug with out coloring the blueing. I assume this is a single barrel shotgun. if it is one of those 'inexpensive' single shots I've 'miged' them in place.
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    Tig and silver solder don't get along in my experience. Besides as mentioned the heat required will effect the bluing.
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     I checked, Brownells is out of stock.

     Put a good glob inside the bore followed by a scrap of rag and push into place with a cleaning rod or dowel. On the exterior build up a good size area around the lug leaving just enough gap around it to work your heat in. Would also help if you preheat the lug prior to putting it into place.
     I'm not going to guarantee zero discoloration, but I seriously doubt it will extend far enough up the barrel to be visible above wood line  
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    MAPP or Acetylene +02 > neutral flame, from a No. 4 tip. WORK SLOWLY. Keep a rosin bag handy to correct any uneven flows.
    Liquid flux works best.  Best of luck !
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    +1 on using the heat shield paste. It will work if you do your part.

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    Hmm, glad I read this post. Very interesting techniques described. Thanks guys!
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    Had  a local welding  shop  do the  same  job on a  Winchester  20  Ga  form  Turkey. Minor prep work to  get  to bare metal (was hard Chrome). Tig  welded turned out  great and   cant  see  ant thing from inside the barrel. Touch of High Temp Silver paint and  you can tell   it  ever  happened.  Yes  I've  shot it.  They  say  silver solder  probably  would not hold up. under the  pressure.
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    Sorry for the delay.

    I was hoping like mentioned above that it would only discolor the barrel enough below the wood line and not be visible assembled. I had a friend recommended a local weld shop for the attempt. FYI, this is an old Beretta Trap Special (TR-1). I paid about $450 for it. I like it enough to repair to shoot, but dont want to spend $300-$400 for the weld and bluing job.

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