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I bought a gun, paid for it, waited 3 weeks only to find out the seller doesn’t have it. He’s a large dealer and he said he can refund me, but all the other same guns online from other sellers have gone up in price since then. He said he will try to find me one, but nothing yet. Is there anything else I can do? He could pay the extra to get me the same rifle, but I feel he’s just putting that on me and saying tough luck. Now I’m out almost a month and probably $100+ because of price increases.


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    Not much you can do but you definitely need to report him to Gunbroker Support.
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    Yes, as Spider indicated, report him to Gunbroker Support. Auctions are supposed to be for firearms they have, not something they try to order after the auction. That was a really underhanded thing to do. Gunbroker frowns on such Auctions. They can be banned for such behavior. (And should.)

    Sorry you are dealing with this.

    Post a link, so we can all see what Seller thinks this is OK. (It is not.)

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    Selling guns I don't really have. Dude!! That could send my profit margin into the stratosphere!!! I wonder if GunBroker has any rules about that.
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    Give feedback so the other buyers know what happened and maybe they will confirm with the dealer that they have the item in hand and you can send a report to customer service.    I feel for the big wholesale guys that are dependent on warehouse computers because nothing is as it seems and its really frustrating for everyone involved.    I'll have to lock this down because we've helped all we can here and the forums isn't going to be the place to get any answers to your predicament.   
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