Annealing Cases

As I slowly get back into reloading after a 30+ year hiatus, I am going through many used cases. Right now I am working on some 30-06 cases. All have been loaded at least once but could be more than once, by me, eons ago. There are about 100-120 in this batch. About half Remington/UMC, and half military of various dates/headstamps. I'm thinking I should maybe anneal them as a matter of fact. Good plan, or don't worry about it? TIA for any input.


  • nononsensenononsense Member, Moderator Posts: 10,575 ******
    It's a good plan as long as you have a quality method of assuring consistent annealing. Without this you're just wasting time and brass.

    The brass should be cleaned then the case capacity checked since those two brands often have different capacities. Segregate the obvious differences.

    Be sure to clean up the military crimp as well.


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