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At one time your website had a link to serial numbers for DOM- but it does not show up now.  This has been incredibly useful in dating Hi- Standard pistols.  Is this still available anywhere?

Thank you for the help your site has been in the past-


  • John J StimsonJohn J Stimson Member Posts: 23
    I have removed the serial number charts from my website because some people were without my authorization copying and posting these charts on other forums.   

    There were separate charts for pistols,  revolvers, derringers, rifles and shotguns.
    Today they would all be pretty old and in some cases not up to date as research never ends - they would still be close but not quite right.  At best even current charts are probably only 96-98% accurate as there always seem to be guns from one year that did not ship until the next and some production lots were not run in serial number order.

    An early pistol serial number chart  can be found in the Standard Catalog of  Firearms - at least during the years when I was consulting on the Fiala, Hartford Arms, and High Standard sections.  The basic data for pistols can be found in the back of the Blue Book of Gun Values.   There may still be some unauthorized postings of other gun forums.  
    I have the only updated charts and they will probably not be posted anywhere in the near future.
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    Understood, and I appreciate the work you put into those.  Again, thank you.  
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