First quail hunt today...

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Invited on a quail hunt today, up here in New York State on the Vermont border, I never had hunted quail before. A good friend has two English cockers. I thought cocker spaniels were pets. I was wrong these two little dogs worked their behinds off. I shot two birds, the dogs did their job with enthusiasm. I had visions of filling my limit...it took me ten rounds of twenty gauge to get two birds. I thought they were going to flush and fly away like a trap clay. Wasn't so...more like a Chinese fire drill. It was great fun, and I have been invited back next week. 


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    Sounds like alot of fun, good for you.  My experience was they'd flush just about time I was going to step on them.  Startle/scare you making it hard to get a shot off.  What a hoot.  Never had a dog to work with either. 
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    Changing farming patterns and the introduction of coyotes and the protection of avian predators have eliminated quail hunting here. Seldom hear or see one . At one time 50 plus years ago our farm was home to 5 or 6 large coveys . Now if we want to hunt quail we have to go out of state or pay to hunt at a preserve.

    Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful
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    Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful
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    Like many of you, I can remember hearing "bob white" when I was young and outside.  I think I've heard a quail once in the last 30-40 years.  It is a sound I miss.
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    Same here. I remember flushing them with dad while rabbit hunting with the beagles. Coveys all over. Have not heard or seen a Bob White in 30 years at my second home in Fluvanna County, Virginia. I think the foxes are hard on them and a lot depends on what farmers raise in their fields. We brought back the turkeys and bald eagles. Wonder if we can bring back the Bob Whites or does anyone care? -----------------------Ray
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    Ray , check out Quail unlimited .sort of like DU but focused on mr bobwhite . Habitat change , more predators at large and farming practices changing to name a few , have altered the landscape . One of the largest problems are cats . Both pets and feral . They take out millions of birds a year ! Lots of problem s but few solutions.

    Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful
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    Quail hunting is my favorite bird hunting.  We have few quail around here now and I have given up on the pursuit.   In the past I would take someone hunting that had hunted quail before but their experience would be gentleman hunts  on a plantation somewhere.  Maybe someone was running in front of them popping quail out of a bag or something, I don't know.   Anyway they would be surprised by wild quail.   I hunted some place that were so thick I used an open bore tube in my shotgun,   Most of the time I used an 870 20ga.   I might drop two out of a covey in heavy cover while they were mounting their gun.   It was just different than anything they had done before.   If they hung with me for a few trips they would get the hang of it.  So stick with it.
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    I am glad you had a great, safe time out there......I used to love quail hunting.    There is a nice group of them on my property now that have eluded the yotes, hawks and other dangers.  I am so happy to see them around, I just can not bring myself to hunt them..............yet
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    Wonder if we can bring back the Bob Whites or does anyone care? -----------------------Ray
    I can tell you for certain that the folks in the Southeast really care about the health of the Quail population. A large percentage of the incomes in those states revolve around the business of hunting Quail. It's much bigger than deer hunting! Even the mobile BBQ businesses advertise Quail as their main offering.


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    I miss Quail here in Northeast Arkansas too
    my Grandpa's home 40 had 4 or 5 good covey when I was a kid rabbit hunting they would scare the crap out of me when I was looking for rabbits
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    I was told by a guide that I had the very best birds, when I asked why he said "because all yours only have teeth marks no shot" !!!LOL The dog did all the work and kept looking back at me shaking his head thinking this guy would starve if not for his acrobatic leaping up to get the birds I missed.
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