IF IT looks too good , it probably is

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Well the mags are for sale ... https://www.gunbroker.com/item/880987847

 picture is cropped...  and the PayPal sounds fishy. 

What do you think?
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    If I had an interest in the AMU, I'd contact the seller and ask about the PayPal only means of payment.  There is going to have to be a FFL transfer and perhaps the money could be sent there.
    I'm sure a Shockey built AMU would be a fine example.  That one has a bit of 'gun box' rash on the slide. That is very common for older target pistols.

    I have a 38 AMU built by Jim Clark (that has the 'frog gig' front sight) that shows a bit more tarnish.
    My S&W 41 and Hi-Standard Citation all show that same sort of tarnish.  
    While a 1911A1 38 AMU is a rare bird, the S&W 52 in 38 AMU is rarer yet.

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    The conversion from 38 AMU  (rimless 38 spl) to rimmed 38 spl only requires the changing and tuning of the extractor.  Perhaps Forgemonkey can concur on this. 
    Obviously the 38 spl mags will work with 38 spl wadcutter ammo, the AMU mags are as rare as hens teeth.  

    Using rimmed 38 spl cases limits the mag capacity to 5 rounds.  Great for Bullseye, but not good for other events (PPC comes to mind)
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    Wonders will never cease.  There's an ultra rare S&W 52 AMU listed.  Haven't seen one of these for sale in eons.
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    PayPal is slowly becoming the preferred method to pay for stuff on GB. PayPal only for a firearm shows contempt for their policy. Both buyer and seller could have account frozen.   
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