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Here is my Heritage .22lr/.22mag. It's a sweet little plinker. Bought it for my wife a good 13 years ago.
BTW, we are going to maybe drive over to the Snake tomorrow to check out the leaves (at least the ones that haven't been all shot up :smile: ) Are there any good ma and pa eateries up in your area that are open on Sunday by chance?

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    Shirley's on 321 towards Hampton out of Mtn. City. Turn right onto 67 at first red light on 421 as you come into town. 67 runs into 321 after you cross Butler bridge. Fairly good family style.
    Back to you "any good ma and pa" eateries in 84's town?  Nope.
    84 must still be asleep.
    Be  careful, everyone thinks like you, let's go see the leaves, bumper to bumper traffic in some places.
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    Sorry crashed early last PM.

    I normally recommend Mikes BBQ, but pretty sure they are closed on Sun. Pablanos in the Pioneer Village shopping center (behind Hardee's) is always really good. (And as Butchdog2 said Shirly's.)

    The Chinese Buffet (Panda Garden) just the right of Pablanos is not great, but not too bad either. All you can eat. Wide variety avail. on the buffet. Excellent deal for the $.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    Oh yeah! On 67W headed towards Butler, TN just before you get to the enclave of Butler, a KILLER Thai place called Monsoon's. (Owner Pre'Ye.) Open 11-8 Closed Sun. & Wed. (423-768-3327) 10630 Hwy 67W Butler, TN. 37640.

    A little metal building, hiding an absolute Gem of an authentice Thai food place. Trust me. Write that down and hit it sometime. Absolutely KILLER!!

    Chicken Basil with extra Veggies ("Potpet"=Hot.) Careful with the "Dragon Sauce" in the little Crock on the counter.

    My mouth is watering just now.

    OMG Good.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    Well we ate at Shirleys, it was ok but not great. The ham was so done it was like very salty pork jerky. Drove over to Boone, meandered backroads north then back to Mountain City and did the Snake, then over to Bristol and back. Perfect day, traffic was actually very light. I stopped on the Snake hoping to watch some bikes/cars on a curve but there was little to be seen. But weather was beautiful, much better than where I moved from, they had snow today. Glad I am not up there anymore!

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure."

    Thomas Jefferson

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    Shirley's has kinda went down hill in the past few years.
    Sign of the times. Buy lesser quality, sell lesser quality.
    84, you ever eat at the Farmer's restaurant down town? Hit or miss. Think they are closed on Sunday too. Been a good while since I have dined there.
    Been told there is a very good hitalian restaurant , not far from Monsoons.
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    I like Wendy's. Their chili and burgers are gooood!!!!
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