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Biden's plan for firearms if elected

DirtyDawgDirtyDawg Member Posts: 1,075 ✭✭✭
There is a reason the 2A isn't part of any debate, mainstream media conversation, biden interviews, etc, etc.  Everything possible is being done to suppress Biden's plan.  Our ability to defend our life, family, property, and way of life is at stake with the coming election.  Please share.


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    Don McManusDon McManus Member Posts: 23,512 ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2020
    Just read it on his website.  No need to have someone do it for you.

    I am not a single issue voter, but if you have any respect at all for the Bill of Rights, you cannot vote for Joe Biden.

    I will not register or turn in my 'weapons of war'.  There are not enough years left in my life to submit to this Anti-American agenda.  I refuse to be dictated to about gun safety by a group of people who have lived for decades behind the protection of armed guards and are so out of touch as to think that is something they can deny to anyone.  

    Be forewarned, however.  This will not end with Biden's defeat.  We will someday have a leftist POTUS and a leftist Congress, and this garbage will be attempted.  First responders will be put in the line of fire, and these worthless pantloads will sit back and feign disgust and amazement that everyone does not bend to their whim.

    Freedom and a submissive populace cannot co-exist.

    Brad Steele
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    select-fireselect-fire Member Posts: 69,453 ✭✭✭✭
    If he wins the Supreme court will put out his fire.
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    NeoBlackdogNeoBlackdog Member Posts: 16,760 ✭✭✭✭
    If he wins the Supreme court will put out his fire.
    Their first step will be to pack the court.  It is critical that we retain the senate. 
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