Colton Manufacturing SxS shotgun

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I am trying to find a parts diagram for a Colton Manufacturing Company side by side shotgun that was manufactured for Sears. Does anyone know a source?


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    Have you tried Brownell's? They have a large selection of firearms parts breakdowns on their website.

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    Brownells does not list Colton Manufacturing Co., or its successor Union Firearms Co., both of Toledo, Ohio.

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    According to my reference, ("Side b Sides of the World" by Carder), the Colton shotguns were "Hardware Guns". Manufactured for sale by the Union Arms Co. They were meant to be sold as inexpensive utility guns by Sears. They were listed in the early Sears catalog @ between $17 & $21.

    Union was only in business for about 10 years. During the early years of the 20 th Century. Ithaca Gun Co. bought Union/Colton in 1913.

    IMHO even with a schematic, there would be no assurance. That replacement parts would fit. Older shotguns weren't made with interchangeable parts. They were hand fitted by individual workman, on a piecework basis.

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    Thank you,

    I have all the parts. I'm trying to find a parts diagram, showing placement. The Sears catalog only shows the shotgun and picture of the action. I don't know if Colton (who started Union Firearms) manufactured the same shotgun under the Union Firearms name.

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    I checked Numerich Arms and they do not have a diagram of your shotgun.

    There is a paperbound book of Shotgun Assembly/Disassembly:

    Sometimes your library or used book stores have these to save you some money but no guarantees. Most general gunsmiths can do this assembly but they will charge for it. This may be the only avenue if you don't have the skills or knowledge.


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    Colton Manufacturing Co. provided Sears with its first American-made hammerless house brand double. Sears advertised their sidelock hammerless gun as "the equal of any gun made, regardless of price" in their 1900 Fall catalog No. 110. There were four models: three sideplated boxlock-types and a unique unitized coil spring driven striker assembly version. All these, especially the latter, were designed to be mass produced. Many of the distinctive sidelock-within-a-sideplated model were produced but they are seldom seen today either because they were used-up or did not hold up well and were scrapped. Sears replaced Colton with the more traditional design Fryberg gun in 1902. Values depend on grade. There appears to be at least two levels of quality and condition ranging from $300 to $1,500. Colton-marked guns are scarce.


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    I suggest that you look for a "full service gunsmith" in your area. An experienced gunsmith may be able to assemble your shotgun in less time than you think. And, he'll have the right tools.


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    Thanks for all the replies. I found a fellow Air Force retiree who owns Lucky Dog Firearms, in Sanford, NC. He is going to assemble the gun.


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    My take on this, is that someone in the distance past disassembled the Coiton to fix it . For whatever reason it was never reassembled. Even after your friend has it reassembled? Hopefully there will be no broken or worn parts that prevents reliable/safe functioning.

    Over the years I've worked on my share of "basket cases" . I found out that they are a exercise in futility, unless all required functional parts. Either original or replacement are available. Trying to reassemble a old gun, with broken or unavailable functional parts. is a waste of time.

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