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Another paranormal experience- edited

SoreShoulderSoreShoulder Member Posts: 3,120 ✭✭✭
edited December 2020 in Politics

Edit: I believe now that the alleged mother of the alleged baby may have been thought to be a pimp and the point may have been to effect a rescue.

Believing me to be the father of a baby someone had back in grade school, a person who was powerful in my home county seemed to speak to me psychically and purchase her. He had me talk psychically to someone whom I did not know, who now reminds me of Ghislaine Maxwell. I will call that person "Delirium Tremens" because I am not sure this is real or that I wasn't just a little stressed and imagining things. I didn't realize what it was all about and thought about approaching the mother's family thinking it was some sort of symbolic offer to adopt or something. I also was not a great believer in psychic phenomena so I simply started to resent these voices in my head and having tried to ignore them, I tried to "finish out the delusion" by answering the offer by asking the other family and then saying "OK, they're not interested, so go." Then I dismissed it as a delusion that was over and it's not like psychic communications bothered me a lot.

I hadn't been invited to have anything to do with the other family so the substance of the proposed buyoff would have only been that I not have a problem or to pray for the alleged child. It seems gangsters typically know about the power of prayer, maybe because they've put their theories to the test.

I want to add that this could be all in my head so I don't want to use any names.


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