Bernardelli UB 22 (22LR)

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Trying to find out the value. Advance not much help. Like new with box.


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    Believe there has been a mixup? The UB was a very seldom encountered 9 mm, not 22 caliber. Likely reason you can't find any data on it.

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    Here is a short description:

    Bernardelli UB: Hammer and Striker Fired 9mm Blowback

    January 28, 2019 Ian McCollum Prototype, Semiauto pistol, Video 32

    In the years following World War Two, the Bernardelli company in Italy made an attempt to enter the full-power pistol market with a simple blowback 9mm Parabellum design. They basically scaled up their existing .32/.380 pocket pistol designs to the larger cartridge, and actually designed this new pistol to safely fire (at leas tin limited amounts) the 9mm Lungo cartridge, a high velocity 9x19mm loading developed for the Beretta M38 submachine gun.

    Only about 85 of these pistols were ever made, as they were a commercial and military failure. Two main versions were made; one hammer fired and one striker fired, with sub-types of each. These were made simultaneously, presumably in hopes of the option provoking more interest than if only one type were available.

    From another source:

    The automatic pistols are:

    .22 cal. L.R. or Short. „Baby" Model. Mag. cap. 5 ctges. Introduced in 1949.

    .22 cal. L.R. Standard Model. 90-mm. barrel. Mag. cap. 8 ctges. Introduced in 1949 (Fig. 126).

    .22 cal. L.R. Standard Model with 150-, 220-, or 250-mm. barrel.

    6.35 mm. (Browning) V.P. Model. Two magazines. Standard mag. holds 5 ctges., long mag. holds 8 ctges. Introduced in 1945.

    7.65 mm./9 mm. (Brng.) Pocket Model. Same model takes either 7.65 or 9 mm. barrels, interchangeably. Special 7.65 mm. barrels can be supplied in lengths of 150, 200, and 250 mm. on order. Special mag. with cap. of 17 ctges. also available. Introduced in 1947.

    9 mm. Long or 9 mm. Parabellum. Model U.B. Large Pocket Model. Mag. cap. 8 ctges. Introduced in 1950.


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    Sorry-Grip has either VP (vest pocket) or VB stamped in it. Very small, believe it takes 22 long ammo. Thanks

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    The Model "V P", was chambered for the 22 Long cartridge. The ammo is quite hard to come by nowadays. Be a lot more viable, value wise if it was the 25 ACP version. My WAG if in VG to Excellent condition, and functional. $150-$250. Mostly because of the ammo factor. As I don't believe there's any collectors interest in this particular model?

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