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Anyone have any information on this old Muzzleloader Squirrel Gun?

Had this on the "Ask the Expert" forum and maybe this is where we should of posted it. --------

We had one of these about 20 years ago, not as long or fancy, and can't remember all the information we knew then on it. From our memory these were old Squirrel Guns and that one was bought from the original owner that used it for such. This one is 55" long with a 39" barrel. Rifle is pretty heavy and a 9mm Luger starts to fit in the barrel muzzle end. Found one guy that believes this looks like one he remembers from the Vietnam era and was used to shoot monkeys. Can't see any maker mark, etc. on it. Butt plate on it is quite crude and possibly was replaced somewhere along the years but not sure. All else looks of better quality than the one we had years ago. Is there any book/etc that someone might lead us to to get more info? Any help would be grateful.


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