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I tried WIPE OUT spray bore cleaner, report on findings.

I have a couple of Mosin Nagant rifles that I shoot quite often. For grins and giggles I shot them both 40 rounds each and used Montana Extreme bore solvent to clean them with. I would wet a patch, soak the bore let it sit an hour or so and run dry patches until clean. I repeated this three process times with each rifle.

Next, I made sure the barrel was level in the gun clamp and sprayed WIPE OUT into the bore for 5 seconds. The foam does not stink, does not harm your hands or the rifle finish. By trial and error I learned that 5 seconds filled the bore until some foam appeared at the chamber.

I let the rifle sit for about 2 hours and ran a patch. It was covered in bright blue copper fouling. I was amazed to see how effective this product is in removing copper and carbon from barrels.

To see it beat Montana Extreme shocked me but both rifles reacted the same, the WIPE OUT test proved there was a lot of copper and carbon left even after using the liquid stinking type products.

I will use up all my other copper removers and stick to this easy to use spray product. It works great.


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