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It's Us Against Them

bustedkneebustedknee Member Posts: 2,023 ✭✭✭✭
edited November 2020 in Politics

I don't remember the class I had in college but the theme was, Us Against Them.

That is the human mentality. That is what drives us. Positive stress; the competitive spirit.

Its me against you.

My family versus yours.

Neighbor against neighbor.

My neighborhood is better than your neighborhood.

My school can beat your school.

Blacks against whites.

Women against men.

My regional sports team is the champion and yours is not.

My favorite race driver can beat yours.

Living in my state is better than life in yours.

Food and drink in the South is better than dining in the North and vice-versa.

My religion is the best religion.

My political party is the better party.

Our language is better than their language.

Our products are superior to theirs....etc.

But throughout history when push-comes-to-shove all those families, all those neighborhoods, all those races, all those groups, all those catagories come together for the greatest "US AGAINST THEM" confrontations in history.

We threw the British out of the US in the Revolutionary War.

Americians banded with the Allies to defeat the the Central Powers in WW1.

We did it again in WW2 to bring down the Nazis.

It appears to me that we thrive on this competition.

Maybe its time to stop patronizing the rest of the world, unite the USA, and kick some Chinese butt.

I am bustedknee and I approved this message.

I'm not running for public office, so I'm just throwing this out for thought.

I can't believe they misspelled "Pork and Beans!"
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