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Saw a snowflake get "woke" yesterday

44pinshooter44pinshooter Member Posts: 1,049 ✭✭✭

Yesterday, I got to see a snowflake get "woke". A man in his late 20's came into the story and said he wanted to buy his first gun, an AR-15 off the inter-net, but the seller told him that he needed a FFL dealer to handle the transfer. He said that he didn't want to pay retail, didn't need a dealer, he was going to buy it off the net. Seller attempted to explain to him how it worked and that was the law.

He came into the store and asked why he had to have a dealer. I told him it was the law and there was also a background check he had to do. That did it........"A back ground check? Why?" Because it is the law.

He left a very confused person.


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