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Wanted: Any Colorado State Patrol duty pistol

Looking for any Colorado State Patrol / Police duty pistol. Any condition will be considered, price can be discussed, old models or current m&p .40s are fine. I am looking for a collector piece. Thank you!


  • DoomRabbit01DoomRabbit01 Member Posts: 13
    edited January 2021

    Um, honey they sale these at Academy Sports for about 400 bucks being as Colorado State Troopers use the M&P 40. Though most police, everywhere, use the Glock 17/19 Gen 3-5 depending on their funding. (500 bucks, ish)

    Colorado has used the full sized M&P 40 for years. I'll message you, just incase your looking for someone who can engrave/turn one into a functional piece of art for someone who is retiring or is a former officer, etc... beyond that, yeah, I'd recommend an Academy for such a common gun/guns.

  • GrammarTrooperGrammarTrooper Member Posts: 3

    I appreciate your response, however I am looking for Colorado State Patrol-specific duty guns (ones actually issued by them to troopers). They are stamped c.s.p if they are older and they are engraved with the "flying wheel" if they are newer. Thanks again.

  • expediter001expediter001 Member Posts: 1

    Trooper.....have any luck yet?

  • GrammarTrooperGrammarTrooper Member Posts: 3

    No sir, no luck yet.

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