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Arex Rex Zero 1 / California

Howdy guys! This is a shot in the dark but it's worth a try. I'm in Southern California; this handgun is not on the official roster and would therefore have to be purchased via PPT. More details about that below.

Hunting for the Rex Zero 1, either as the Standard or Compact. Can be either the all Black, Black/FDE and can even consider the Grey. I'll also consider the Tactical version if that's what you have. Would also be interested in purchasing any extra mags if you've got any.

As mentioned this has to be done via PPT. I'm based in SFV/LA county and have a certain FFL in mind. I can provide more info if you or someone you know selling this gun. I will of course schedule the appointment for the transfer and pay all transfer fees. If you're farther out but are willing to travel, I can throw in some gas money for your troubles.

Many thanks. Cheers!


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