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Carriers 'Greedy' in Quest for 5G Spectrum

serfserf Member Posts: 9,225 ✭✭✭✭

Soon The 5G web will be complete with the internet and 5g satellites and even The Hackers will be exposed. All will be tracked fot their safety and well being with big brother calling the shots.


First, on the topic of health and safety, the FCC last year issued a blunt declaration that 5G does not pose a health risk. The agency added that it will not change its existing RF exposure limits. That announcement likely was geared as a response to growing worries in cities and towns around the US and the world that 5G -- particularly in millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum bands -- might somehow be unsafe.

But it is Musk's nod toward the ongoing debate around spectrum for 5G that's perhaps more interesting. Many in the US wireless industry and the Trump administration have rallied around the notion of a "race to 5G" between the US and China, and that spectrum for 5G sits at the centerpiece of that argument. Chinese regulators, so the argument goes, have allocated vast swathes of unused midband spectrum for 5G, and the fact that US officials haven't yet done so could affect the broader development of 5G technology in the US. That, 5G proponents warn, could push entrepreneurs and innovators away from the US and toward China, thus potentially tipping the balance of the entire world's economy away from the West and toward the East.

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