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Texas Constitutional Carry Heads to Conference

Wednesday the Texas House, more specifically the author of HB1927, State Rep. Matt Schaefer, R-Tyler, rejected the amendments to the bill passed by the Texas Senate. He was cheered on the house floor for doing so. Thus HB 1927 goes to Conference Committee where compromise language can be worked out acceptable to both chambers.

There are two weeks left of this legislative session in Texas and that is plenty of time if conference gets to this PDQ, which given the support/pressure from firearm rights advocates, seems likely. The conferees from the House, three Republicans and two Democrats, all voted for the original HB 1927. No word yet on Senate conferees.

It all depends on how motivated conference is and how soon they can come to agreement and get the bill sent back to House and Senate. The process is "usually" a slam-dunk for bills coming out of conference as both chambers need only approve the modifications having already voted the bill out. There is, however, precious little time left.

HB 1927 provides that Texas still offer CHL permits for those desiring reciprocity with other states and jurisdictions where a permit from a resident's state is required. Permitting procedures would be similar to present processes.


  • TXBryanTXBryan Member Posts: 26 ✭✭

    The Senate conferees are: Republican Sens. Charles Schwertner, Brian Birdwell, Bryan Hughes, Dr. Donna Campbell and Brandon Creighton. All voted for HB 1927 on the Senate floor.

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