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High School memories

austin20austin20 Member Posts: 32,385 ✭✭✭✭


  • cbxjeffcbxjeff Member Posts: 16,906 ✭✭✭✭

    Et tu, Brute?


    It's too late for me, save yourself.
  • ridgleyartridgleyart Member Posts: 937 ✭✭✭✭

    Maybe a little in high school, but when I went to college and joined a fraternity I really learned what drinking was.

  • mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,498 ******

    I hardly drank at all in high school. An occasional Pabst Blue Ribbon beer or Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill Wine, both of which were popular at the time. My my, how my tastes have changed.

  • mac10mac10 Member Posts: 2,311 ✭✭✭✭

    my model A and barn made crock wine

  • BrookwoodBrookwood Member, Moderator Posts: 12,277 ******

    Besides expanding my knowledge of the 3 R's during my high school years I learned what it took to generate my stomach's rejection cycle! The meaning of dry heaves, and what a hangover felt like.

    Truly things that would save me from making the same errors later in life! 😎

    Thinking back, I remember fondly just how soft a young woman's skin was! About the only thing I can compare that to today is the rabbit fur lined gloves I have. 😊

  • Ditch-RunnerDitch-Runner Member Posts: 23,345 ✭✭✭✭

    high school I looked the part with long hair and the guys I hung around with at school but never drank or smoked ,

    but after I left high school I fell in with a group that drinking drugs and gals were a whole new door opened up for me

    the good old top shelf stuff like boons farm MD 20/20 four roses ,LOL I worked at a grocery so all the beer and cheap wine was always there a friend worked a a local bar as clean up after hours he always found a bottle or two of the better stuff for the next night for us even the weed we had a local fellow that had a route around town and would stop by so did not have to chase it down .

    the drugs I stopped real quick, I did not like not being in complete control , the booze I slowed way down on after a couple passed out nights . and gals well not so much when I just turned 16 a 20 year old gal hippy chick taught me the ways of the world she was one of many that thought I looked like John Denver. . but honestly my cars were my life thy were priority before girls or booze there was always new cams, tires ,carbs , headers street racing drag strip on the weekend .

    now I would guess I drink a beer about every two months on average . cars I still have a great fondness for (still have two 69 camaros ) . the gals well after 42 years of marriage .. well I'll just leave that one topic alone LOL

  • Rocky RaabRocky Raab Member Posts: 13,408 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2021

    I went to a 600-student Catholic high School, which you'd think would be pretty tame. But it was in East St Louis.

    You could get get booze, drugs, guns, or renta-girls arranged from many lockers. Of the 150 or so in my year class, more than a dozen did not graduate because they were already in prison - six of them for murder. One of my classmates (actually a nice guy) was the son of a Mafia boss.

    Seeing the consequences of all that kept me pretty straight arrow, believe me.

    After I left, they turned the school into a Youth Detention Center. Except for the high fences they added, it was not a big change.

    I may be a bit crazy - but I didn't drive myself.
  • cbxjeffcbxjeff Member Posts: 16,906 ✭✭✭✭

    Oh, what would I give for a picture of Mark holding a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill.


    It's too late for me, save yourself.
  • Butchdog2Butchdog2 Member Posts: 3,841 ✭✭✭✭
  • gjshawgjshaw Member Posts: 14,689 ✭✭✭✭

    Hip huggers, bell bottom pants and motorcycles, Oh and remembering songs and women like:

  • Ditch-RunnerDitch-Runner Member Posts: 23,345 ✭✭✭✭

    I will second the style ( girls clothing ) of lack of or barley there cut off tops hot paints ( well they were the tong shorts more apt name ) clothing and undergarments during that time frame ( and of course they all did not look like todays beached whales and the excuse I am happy with my 400 pound body .

    I have a had a good life well still am (be it poor one ) but I have great wife and sons and would not trade them for any thing .

    however to be able go back in time for a month or so would sure be nice ( and of course be able to make it back )

    I will wager at some point medical science as your are passing on will be able to trick you mind into dreaming what ever you like for your last wish(s)

    now that i thought about it I think they even had a move xx amount years or so ago ? similar to my statement put you out and you lived your fantasies in a dream

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