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WTB Taurus 692 3" or 2.5" Barrel

I am looking for the Taurus 692 chambered in .357 Mag/9mm. 3" ported barrel is preferred, but would accept the 2.5" barrel for less money. I have no interested in longer or shorter barrels.

Firearm must include both the .357 Mag and 9mm cylinders. Finish (stainless vs. black) is irrelevant although I would prefer the black finish.


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  • bueebuee Member Posts: 3
    edited June 2021

    Yep, I saw that, but the auction starts at almost double MSRP and at the top end of my budget. I've been monitoring all the auctions for a couple weeks and these listings don't appear to be selling, they also don't appear to be getting lower in price. I'm fine with over MSRP, but at $800, I'd expect waived CC fee and free shipping.

    Basically, I'd do $800 for the 3" barrel, that's what I'm really after, but if I can get a decent price on the 2.5", I'd take it. Double MSRP for a gun I'd be "ok" with is pretty steep, even in this market.

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    buee Welcome to the forums, but you need to read the rules at the top of this forum, the first rule is what you are not following in your post along with others... I know prices are higher these days, but the intent of this forum is not to circumvent the auction side to get a better deal... Your post will most likely be closed if not completely gone once a moderator sees it. I was just trying to help you find what you asked for believing that maybe you didn't know how to search the auctions... good luck.

  • bueebuee Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for the welcome. I did read the rules and took that "BEFORE PLACING A "WANT AD", YOU MUST CHECK THE AUCTION SIDE FIRST!" at face value. I did. And it was a lack of availability of the particular firearm I'm looking for that led me to check, *, GunsAmerica, etc. I had a guy lined up from AZ to send me the 3" variant (the specific version I'm looking for) but that fell through as he was unwilling to use an escrow service. I didn't know this even existed until doing more digging on the P2P side of things only after exhausting the retail option and putting out a call with a couple local FFLs.

    At any rate, I certainly didn't mean to break any rules, just make use of another avenue I didn't know existed. There are listings but not for the variant I really want and what is there is price gouging, so I figured if someone out there has one, is willing to part with it, and wants an immediate sale, this gives them that opportunity.

    If that violates the rules, I apologize to you, Ruger4me, the moderators, and GunBroker as a whole. I don't wish to abuse the system in which I use extensively to obtain my collection of firearms. Delete if you must.

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    buee I can understand not wanting to pay over msrp, I would only do so for a gun that was something I had to have right now and even then not too much over msrp. Just trying to help you, if you truly only want the 3" in black why not just have a local dealer order one, even if back ordered you would get what you want eventually... Also I'm not a moderator and I don't know how they interpret their rules, I was just trying to keep a "new" poster from getting in trouble right from the start as you can see in your last post, certain things get replaced with an * automatically and the mods will take care of other things that aren't acceptable... anyways my welcome was sincere and I hope you find the Taurus you want.

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