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Hi guys.....this one has come to me by a military collector with little info and I've got a bidder that is looking for something specific. I'll be emailing over the link to this post directly to them so if you have info we can guide them in the right direction. I've got several emails about the date of manufacture on this one already, different websites have given me different dates....both 1900 and 1902....but the owner of the item stated it was an antique, so I've already been around a winding trail on this one. I don't want to be wrong about what I tell this buyer, so I hope someone here can tell them the correct answer. Any help is appreciated. Here is their email.....

Hello, I may be gifting this to my husband for century-old military rifle completion. The criteria are that the rifle must exceed 100- years old, have been in the U.S. military arsenal at some time with associated proof marks as I understand them to be. The rifle will be actively engaged in his gun clubs competition. My husband, George, has always wanted a Spanish/American era rifle as his Great Grandfather fought in Manila. To your knowledge, would this rifle meet those specifications/qualifications--with the exception of date of manufacture?

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    Check out articles available on line written by the American Rifleman magazine.. one of the monthly magazines of the NRA. there is a good article about these rifles use during the Spanish -American war.

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    It depends on how exact she wants to be with her purchase/gift. I believe that the Krag used in the war was the mod 1896. I don't think the mod 1898 actually came out until after the conflict was over. It was approved in 1898 for the military so it is the right era but I don't think it was put into use until after the war was over. Bob

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    The rife meets all the requirements she is looking for. She says her husband wants a Span-Am War rifle but his g-grandfather fought at Manila, which would include the Philippine Insurrection (PI). The PI "officially" ended in 1902 but fighting continued for several years after that time. The Model 1898 was authorized in March of '98, with actual production beginning in July. Many of them made their way to Cuba (post-surrender) and the Philippines.

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    Did the lady buy the rifle?

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