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‘Everything Has Gone Sky High’: From Groceries To Gas?

serfserf Member Posts: 9,218 ✭✭✭✭
edited October 2021 in Politics

This was so predictable as Billionaires run to Tax Havens and Joe Biden cuts Hydrocarbons for fuels due to climate change and Congress opens it's purse to create Trillions of dollars of debt because of The Wuhan virus to save small business and rain free money on the average citizens to off set the effects of a buckling economy and giving savers 0% while stimulating the stock market/housing market into a bubble bursting event like in 2007-08!

Get ready for the crypto Now Fed dollar soon in the future after they bail you in with all the failing banks with Bad loans like what is going on Now in China! Maybe some more derivates instruments can be had to continue the dog and pony for a while, but not for long!😁

Surely the public is smart enough to realize how Congress is just making it worst and not better, right?


So, what can be done to lower the cost of living while we wait for supply to catch up? “The Federal Reserve might have to start raising interest rates,” Zagorsky explained. “Raising interest rates will reduce inflationary pressures, but it also means the party’s over…there’s just not going to be many people bidding on homes once interest rates go up.”

“There’s sort of a balance here,” he explained. “The balance is that the government has some control over inflation, but there are no easy choices.”


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