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Star Model B

dfletcherdfletcher Member Posts: 8,160 ✭✭✭
edited November 2021 in Ask the Experts

Picked up a Star Model B at an OR LGS. I don't know much about Spanish pistols, other than in general they're hit or (mostly) miss. I have a Star PD and an old Model F, this is my 1st Model B. They were asking just under $400.00 and aside from the instant gratification of "cash & carry" with my C&R I figure the Star brand is pretty safe and any full sized pistol in nice shape is worth the asking price.

From what I can figure using proof stamps the "V" means 1951 DOM. Serial number is 366549. The last 3 digits are stamped on pretty much everything including the magazine base plate. Pistol came with two mags.

The barrel uses a 1911 style link, not the BHP ramped type. I'm assuming the 9 means 9X19 Luger as opposed to the 9mm Largo. But am not certain.

Shots of the magazine serial numbered to the gun:

There's alot of upfront room for the 9X19, although they (snap caps) feed and chamber fine. Any info on magazines appreciated, especially if Star Super or Model A magazines will fit and function. They seem easier to find and cost about $20.00 less than Star Model B magazines. The magazine looks like one for the Model A in 9mm Largo, from what I've seen on line.

The front grip frame is stamped "LPN" which I've read indicates manufacture for German police use which again leads me to 9mm Luger.

Not sure what "LPN" stands for - any one know for sure? Does the German use up the value at all? No import marks anywhere.


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