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A Brief History of West African Slavery for the Woke

serfserf Member Posts: 9,217 ✭✭✭✭

When they come and shout how The Whites are the only ones who cause slavery to flourish by their own hands.You can now see and read how it was an equal opportunity enterprise done by many others actors with brown and Black colors too! To lay it all on just one race is just another lie.


Slavery existed for millennia throughout the entirety of the Bantu populated African continent prior to the arrival of Europeans. African slaves were captured, worked hard in the millet fields, scolded, beaten, sold multiple times, raped, and murdered well before the first European footprint was impressed on a West African beach. Slavery was the natural African social condition, it continued as Europeans colonized the continent, and in some places it continues today after most Europeans have left. Thus any conception of an “Original Sin” borne by Americans through ancestry lies not with Caucasians, but with those of African ancestry as Africans themselves were the origination point for the West African slavery supply chain where they occupied the roles of contractor, planner, procurer, and transporter to distribution hubs.


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