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The TALON network offers up to 500 million scans of vehicles a month?

serfserf Member Posts: 9,225 ✭✭✭✭
edited March 2022 in Politics

So if you go to a gun show parking lot with these up and running don't think it could not be used one day for a new reason or two. They will surely use this in time for new laws or regulations.,guilty until proven innocence is the new paradigm that is coming and if they tell you differently then think about this below

The Green Dragon Inn Revolution would never had happen in Boston with the Indians and tobacco. They will tell you they destroy all records in 6 months time is a feel good line to make you feel safe.


The TALON network offers up to 500 million scans of vehicles a month, according to one email obtained by Motherboard. Over 500 police departments in more than 1,000 cities have access to Flock cameras, according to marketing material. In the promotional video, the company claims to be able to detect people, cars, animals, and bicycles, and says it is "collecting evidence" that helps police solve 4 to 5 crimes per hour. The administrator of the neighborhood's camera network can make the data Flock captures available to, say, the police, the home owner association's board, or the individual members of an entire neighborhood.


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