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Get Ready for Another Energy Price Spike: High Electric Bills

serfserf Member Posts: 9,217 ✭✭✭✭

Incompetent President Biden banned all hydrocarbons explorations when he came in office but flip flop after The Ukraine war started. Now we the people must pay more because of his stupidity in foreign relations and climate control legislation!

Of course his son business dealing with foreign governments for political favors is going to get him impeached in time I hope to save the country from a oblivion socialist paradise he has created.



Natural gas prices have surged in recent months as U.S. producers have sent more fuel to Europe, which wants to use less Russian gas. Utilities in a few places, like Hawaii and Puerto Rico, rely on some power plants fueled by oil, which has also become much more expensive. The price of coal, which accounts for roughly 20 percent of U.S. electricity, has gone up, too.

The Biden administration has been urging the industry to produce more oil and natural gas, but energy experts say it could take a year or two to significantly increase supplies.


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