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Trans-humanism & Academia

serfserf Member Posts: 9,217 ✭✭✭✭
edited May 2022 in Politics

I doubt that our State & Federal Legislatures have a clue and even much less the average citizens in The USA.The Law makers can even balance a budget anymore and to think they can protect our rights from Science and Technology new innovations is ludicrous! This website a NWO think tank in my opinion.

Blissful ignorance is everywhere now in society. You snooze you lose.


Foresight regularly hosts monthly in-person meetups across the globe, to offer like-minded people all over the world an opportunity to find each other and join our community. If you work in science and tech and want the future to go well, you should apply to join our meetups! Currently we are hosting in cities such as San Francisco, NYC, LA, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Zurich, Toronto, Paris, Miami, Austin, Singapore, Boston, Phuket/Rawai, Seattle, Dubai, Philadelphia and Lisbon.

AI Threats

Let’s pretend we have achieved computer security. Are we set for a cooperative long-term future? It is worth revisiting Toby Ord’s AI takeoff scenario. According to Ord, once an AI breaches computer security vulnerabilities, it could re-escalate its power. 

“This is more speculative, but there are many plausible pathways: by taking over most of the world’s computers, allowing it to have millions or billions of cooperating copies; by using its stolen computation to improve its own intelligence far beyond the human level; by using its intelligence to develop new weapons technologies or economic technologies; by manipulating the leaders of major world powers (blackmail, or the promise of future power); or by having the humans under its control use weapons of mass destruction to * the rest of humanity. Of course, no current AI systems can do any of these things. But the question we’re exploring is whether there are plausible pathways by which a highly intelligent AGI system might seize control. And the answer appears to be “‘yes.’” ”

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