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things have gotten so bad..............

hillbillehillbille Member Posts: 13,292 ✭✭✭✭

even the robins are begging. took the grandkids fishing yesterday and no luck at the river so we stopped by a little city pond by the house on the way home, thought they may at least catch a few bluegill. I was sitting on a bench watching my granddaughter fish and had my grandson beside me we looked over and a robin was hopping down the sidewalk towards us. I told him to throw it a nightcrawler, so he threw a big ole nightcrawler in the grass beside the robin. took a few minutes for him to find it but he ate it and flew off. about 5 minutes later he flew back and stared at us. we threw him another nightcrawler and he drug it off in the grass and got about half down before a * bird came and took it from him.

he took off for about 5 minutes then flew back down on my side of the bench and stared at us again! I have never seen a robin beg for handouts, guess the country is in worse shape than I thought.........I'm on a fixed income and those nightcrawlers were $4.00 a dozen


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