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Warnings Of A Fuel Shortage Crisis In The U.S. is coming?

serfserf Member Posts: 9,217 ✭✭✭✭

Could be bad here if a Hurricane rips into Louisiana or Texas this summer. The country could be thrown into rationing most energy products here. President Biden is the cause of it with his energy polices in my opinion.


I just don't think there's anything the Administration can do about it," Sankey said, referring to the fact that a refinery cannot be built in time to ease the gasoline and diesel crunch.

Asked about what would happen if an operating refinery were to stop production because of an accident or a hurricane, Sankey said, "we're on the verge of a U.S. oil crisis as it is, obviously what I'm talking about is shortages."

"We've never seen inventories this low, particularly in the northeast. We haven't seen gasoline this low at this time of year in history," the analyst added.

With the hurricane season later in the year, "We might have a crisis this summer, I'm telling you," Sankey said.


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