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The Power of Technology to Prevent Gun Violence and Protect our Cities

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Yep, do you think red laws are just for the fringe element only ? Think again!


The Power of Technology to Prevent Gun Violence and Protect our Cities

Police and health care agencies have also been innovating to improve the odds of survival, community perceptions of safety, police responsivity, and the likelihood of quick identification and intervention with perpetrators of gun violence.     

However, many cities find that their responses to gun violence are siloed among agencies—such as law enforcement, public health, social services, and corrections—and face significant communications challenges. Furthermore, local jurisdictions have limited public funding available to support expensive software upgrades, analytical personnel, and new technologies.    

Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund is excited to partner with MIT Solve to fund a gun violence reduction prize of $100,000—because the use of accurate, reliable, and transparent data and technology can mean the difference between life and death. Through this prize, we’re looking forward to reviewing a wide array of solutions that address the upstream drivers of gun violence—such as urban design, poverty, or access to firearms—or the downstream impacts, such as

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