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the 1934 grand dad gun law may be in trouble

Ditch-RunnerDitch-Runner Member Posts: 24,365 ✭✭✭✭

I have seen several gun pod casters saying company's have lawyered up and going after the ATF and it opened the can of worms about the 1934 probation laws as also not continual and even when they made it it was for the good of the government and even stated they were skirting the 2nd amendment by placing so much burden on citizens to have a NAF item its come about over the key card BS the atf calling a piece of flat metal with a out line drawn on it a machine gun and peoiple have been arreset and companys shut down over that busness size piece of metal with just a drawing on it

well many are now firing odd letters and law suits now saying it restricts the rights of citizens due to all the BS rules and cost and waiting periods and going as far as a piece of metal is a machine gun what a joke

I think it would be one of the fantastic things in my life to see i the entire law canned and erased

now I know the current full auto owning gun nuts will crap there paints and most likly fight to not change the law just over greed and fear of loosing tons of money and also if it happens a 50k + machine gun could be had for a few dollars over a semi auto version just think a full auto m16 what about 20k now I have not priced one in years just a wid guess .

however a few registered parts now that make the gun 20k over the 500.00 base gun and have to jump thru all the hoops to get it just a few parts difference a trigger group selector switch and bolt carrier and away we go to waste ammo


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