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Ballistics magazine is becoming like National Enquirer

yoshmysteryoshmyster Member Posts: 19,954 ✭✭✭

I was reading Ballistics and something about sleeping on the left side where it promotes nightmares. Anyways I woke up on my right side so it was an odd dream and not a nightmare.

In the dream I was in my neck of the woods walking around with my AR pistol. If I were to do any walk about I'd have my DDM4 V7. I was shooting my AR pistol near an apartment complex where a guy pops up with a bolt action threatening me. I didn't shoot him with my pistol but struggled over the bolt action then shot him with it. The strange part was the bolt action was "spring loaded" so I had to push the bolt home hard to lock it up. I need to see if anyone made a spring assisted ejection bolt action. A Billion Dollar idea so you guys better not steal it.

Then there was something else but I can't remember it. When I did wake up I didn't want to go to work. haven't had a dream I remembered in a long while. Let alone have one with a Billion Dollar Idea. Shhh!!! Just got to lighten up the spring so it's easier to lock down.


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