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small engine question............

hillbillehillbille Member Posts: 13,676 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2022 in General Discussion

guess my "friend" isn't all that good after all. got bored this afternoon so I tore down my old weedeater he said wasn't worth fixing. said it would be a couple hundred if he could even find a coil to fix it. well I took it apart and sanded the flywheel like Mike said and the coil and put it back together it started the 1st pull ran it up and down the drive and shut it off, it woudn't start again, so I tore it down again and the flywheel was coverd in greasy smears as was the coil, after a can of generic WD40, the case, coil, and flywheel are shiny new, for what its worth the cheap lubricating spray oils in a can will just wash away built up oil, grease, grass, ect from mower and chainsaws and make em look like new.

Put it back together and it started right off, ran it around the yard a bit and shut it off and it started right back up, did this 3-4 times and it started right back up first pull. doubt I get another30 years but every week is saving me $250 for the price of a new one, yeah I am cheap.............

my real question is, would a coil from any small 2 stroke, 4 stroke the same, if I can get it bolted in gonna work as I am sure the coil is weak and is gonna go, would it hurt to just bolt another in as long as the "arms" are the same length to the flywheel?????????? do they all put out the same volts/amps???


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