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GEE what a Suprise from the congress

Ditch-RunnerDitch-Runner Member Posts: 24,051 ✭✭✭✭

what a bunch of pond scum sleezy joe puppets . apparently even the last supreme court ruling that such guns are completely legal and no laws should infringe

there view in my opinion well who gives a crap about the courts and millions of legal owners we ( as in the dems and rinos will tell you what you need

we just want to get votes and prove we did what we promised and crap on millions of law-abiding citizens

House passes semi-automatic gun ban after 18-year lapse (

WASHINGTON — The House passed legislation Friday to revive a ban on semi-automatic guns, the first vote of its kind in years and a direct response to the firearms often used in the crush of mass shootings ripping through communities nationwide.

Once banned in the U.S., the high-powered firearms are now widely blamed as the weapon of choice among young men responsible for many of the most devastating mass shootings. But Congress allowed the restrictions first put in place in 1994 on the manufacture and sales of the weapons to expire a decade later, unable to muster the political support to counter the powerful gun lobby and reinstate the weapons ban.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed the vote toward passage in the Democratic-run House, saying the earlier ban “saved lives.”

The House legislation is shunned by Republicans, who dismissed it as an election-year strategy by Democrats. Almost all Republicans voted against the bill, which passed 217-213. It will likely stall in the 50-50 Senate.


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