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Origin 12 vs Genesis 12 Comparison (Looking to buy one or the other)

TDK GilgameshTDK Gilgamesh Member Posts: 1

I really like the Origin 12, it's a tried and true design. However it recently come to my attention that there is a new competitor on the market the Genesis 12 an AR-10 based shotgun and it's not just another MKA 1919 clone. The reviews I have seen may be a bit biased toward the Genesis 12. I have not seen a direct comparison of the two even though the Genesis 12 and the Origin 12 are in the same price range and fulfil the same role. I do know that the Genesis 12 will work with a Binary Trigger, however I have yet to get an answer if the Origin 12 will work with an Echo AK or other AK Binary trigger without serious modification. The Origin is chambered in 2 3/4" but the Genesis is chambered in 3". The biggest drawback to the Genesis 12 is has a max capacity of 10+1. Which makes a binary trigger kinda useless. To clarify i'm looking for a range toy not a serious home defense firearm. I just don't know if this Genesis 12 can keep up with an Origin 12. It claims to have a very tame recoil but which is more tame. I have no need for both of them so i have to pick one.


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    yoshmysteryoshmyster Member Posts: 21,059 ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2022

    I got the Genesis 12 upper a while ago. I went this way because I can slap an AR10 upper for a twofer. I also figure since there are AR10s with a drum, so eventually I suppose they could make one for the Gen12. Being that I am in California 10 is the max so Gen12 is just right.

    Just got the Leupold RDS and a Thenar to help tame the recoil on her. Lawed I do fear losing her to the cops while defending myself. $1400 for the upper ain't cheap.

    I thought Benelli M4 was the fastest shotgun dumper?

    *Things I learned about my Gen12. Genesis Arms don't answer emails but they will pick up the phone. The 10 round magazine (and maybe the 5 round magazine, too but why bother with 5 rounder) the front rib needs to be sanded to freely drop from the magazine well. Sand little at a time and check fitment often. You don't have to sand the whole length of the rib. Also if you have one of those set screw in the lower that tighten the halves and you tighten it after you sanded the magazine you'll need to further sand the rib. I think it threw off the angle?

    That reminds me I want to buy a spare bolt. I'll have to ask if they sell a tool to unscrew the barrel. There is a disc that holds the barrel in place. The disc has four holes and you basically need a AR wrench style to remove the silly thing. Or maybe I don't need to fiddle with it? But with the barrel being reciprocating (think Barrett) I think it might need attention eventually.

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    Fenris_589Fenris_589 Member Posts: 1

    I have the Origin 12 in both regular and short barrels. The Genesis is more of a breaching/cqb weapon. The limited capacity is also punctuated by the lack of range with the shortened barrel. Even with the short barrel, I have 10 round magazines or 20 round drums. My choice. The con is the Orgin is expensive to get both. You can get the regular barrel length for around 24 to 25 hundred. Another 900 or more can get you the short barrel with a tax stamp.

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