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Is the Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50AE legal in the state of Wisconsin?

VaporSilverVaporSilver Member Posts: 1
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Pleaae don’t let the title of the discussion irritate ya too much!

My folks recently moved to WI to be closer to my younger brother and my sister in law and the grandkids.

They moved from CA, where I remain until I am able to escape as well, and also move to WI, where I’m happy to hear that the laws regarding “guns” in WI are a bit more lenient.

As I’m sure that EVERYONE is aware, here in CA there is a searchable list of approved pistols known as the pistol roster, and if the gun you want isn’t on the list, you aren’t supposed to be allowed to purchase it in CA.

My father, myself and my younger brother are/have been gun owners here in CA.

My dad’s birthday is coming up, I’d like to get him something that’s legal in WI that he wasn’t able to get ahold of here in CA.

Does anyone know if WI has a similar database or roster?

I have searched, googled, duck duck go’d, etc, can’t locate anything equivalent with regards to the state of Wisconsin.

I ask the question using the Desert Eagle 50AE, as a sort of benchmark, as in if that’s legal, woohoo! What else is?!

Please forgive my ignorance of the laws on the outside of the granola curtain, I figured that I may as well ask, even if I get roasted a bit with the replies, maybe I’ll even get an answer! hehe.

Thanks in Advance!



  • thorhammerthorhammer Member Posts: 884 ✭✭✭

    I live right across the border in Minnesota and you will not find repressive gun laws here or in Wisconsin. It's whatever is on the shelf at the local gun store, and there is still slim pickins for being particular for a certain model. My question is how would you buy a gun in Cali and have it delivered it to Wisconsin? I assume you would have your brother being a Wisconsin resident buy the gun and you would pay for it, to present it to pops for his b-day. I am not a legal expert about this could be called a straw purchase even for gifts to family members, but I would leave that up to you. (legal transfer from an FFL would be OK, talk to the stores FFL for gifts to family members). But to answer your question there are no restrictive allowable handgun lists in either state. You can buy what you want as long as it's on the shelf or if it can be ordered. good luck to you.

  • MIKE WISKEYMIKE WISKEY Member, Moderator Posts: 9,729 ******

    "Does anyone know if WI has a similar database or roster?"................short answer NO. and yes you can buy a firearm for a gift to anyone.....but not if you use their money.

    life long Wis. res. and ffl holder

  • yoshmysteryoshmyster Member Posts: 19,847 ✭✭✭

    I suppose the first thing I'd do is send your younger bro to a gun store and ask is WI has some "law" like California. Then I'd send a check to the younger bro of yours to buy your pops the gun in WI. If one can't be found "locally" in WI I'd buy the gun on Gunbroker and have it shipped to WI near your pops' FFL to pick up if WI doesn't have the same silly California "laws".

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