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P14 Enfield Eddystone 303

PcroftPcroft Member Posts: 51

I have a P14 Eddystone Enfield 303. All serial numbers match, bolt, receiver etc. It is very accurate out to 200 yards with the sliding sight set to the 200 mark. Do not have access to a range further than 200. I have a P14 bayonet (with proper handle markings, it does fit and lock solid) in immaculate condition. Have 220 rounds of SA 303 KOEEL BALL MK VII ammo in bandoliers with stripper clips. Have 10 boxes 32 count each of I.S.A.A MK VII ammo in good shape. Have dies to reload the cartridges, lots of brass and 200 bullets. What would anyone think this is worth? I am getting old and trying to pare down. Thank you in advance, anyone who has an idea of the value of this? It is hard to find anyone selling any of it.


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