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Stopped by the local gun shop.

yoshmysteryoshmyster Member Posts: 19,847 ✭✭✭

After getting cash for my scrap I stopped by the LGS. I keep forgetting the shop's week start on Thursday. Saw Joe the father of the son's gun shop. He took a spill a bit ago and I was happy to see him up and about.

So I looked around the shop and saw a Mini-14 going for a $1000 (claimed to be unfired with box but it was relatively the new edition). Got me thinking I got one with a UltiMak rail and few bits I could get little more or about the same if I kept the bits. I could get more but the magazines aren't "transferable".

Then I saw a Mossy 500/590 with a pistol grip from back in the day. Not the Shockwave. Didn't look but I do wonder what my Mossy Bullpup might bring in?

Saw a two tone H&K USP in 9mm priced at $1000. Kind a low since it just dropped off the California Roster but then again it might not have any magazines? Mine has the extra bits to mount a scope and what they call a Quick Comp with a Jet Funnel. Pretty much like the back cover of the 1997 Gun Digest. Since I can't transfer the magazines here it doesn't make sense to sell unless I can get $1500 without the magazines. Also they might make the state remove the "California Roster" because it's unconstitutional then the $1000 price for the USP might be over priced.

To sell or not to sell. Might have to start looking at thinning out what I can sell relatively quick and easy. Not that the dollar is worth much.


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