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I think an idiot designed my refrigerator

Mr. PerfectMr. Perfect Member, Moderator Posts: 63,779 ******
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In my new place, the fridge that came with the house is dumb. Its designer had to have had acres of open space between his/her ears.

It's one of those models that has the cafe style doors and freezer on the bottom. That part normally is a fine design. It's inside the fridge portion that just has me baffled. There is practically no configuration that allows you to move shelves such that you can put anything taller than a jug of milk on them.

There is a vegetable drawer on one side and a fruit drawer on the other. Neither can be opened fully unless both doors are open because they just so barely hit the closed door.

There is a milk tray at the bottom of the right hand door that is big enough for one gallon of milk. Two won't fit and I'll be darned if I can figure out anything similarly sized that will fit next to a milk jug there. Anything tall that would fit in that space is also too wide.

The right hand side door also has one of those features where you can just open the outside of it and grab whatever is on the door shelves, only about half the time it's impossible to wrangle the item out that way, and if there are multiple things on the shelf (i.e. 2 or more deep) you have to totally open the door to get whatever sits to the inside the furthest.

There is a nice meat tray. It requires you open both doors to open it, but at least it is the full width of the fridge so it makes sense. The wonky thing with it though, is that it has a divider in it that moves left or right just by merely breathing near it. I can't for the life of me figure out what a divider that moves so easily is possibly useful for.

The freezer at the bottom is mostly fine. It has a drawer in the upper part that limits how tall anything can be inside there, but that is about the only gripe. I would lay things down flat, but again there is a permanent divider that prevents that in anything but the drawer.

The fridge also has one of those features that allows you to put a jug on the door shelf and it will auto fill it with water. It's a really nice feature until it doesn't measure the capacity properly and overfills the container. But that only rarely happens. It took me a bit to figure out that the best way to stop it filling was to open the opposite door. Pulling the container out doesn't automatically shut the water off for a second or so and there is no switch or button that turns it off.

Finally, it took three of us trying for several hours (two of them were my very smart children... and me, an engineer with a PE and patent agent license) and with manual in hand to figure out how to replace the system water filter. It's filters are chipped so it knows if you are putting an old one in and it won't dispense water if the filter is past its life span, so that is annoying.

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