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Security & Compromised - An Account Email Address has Changed?

stingfishstingfish Member Posts: 1
edited September 30 in General Discussion

yesterday I received an email (official gunbroker) email that my email has changed.

the links in the email were legit, the email was legit. when i logged into my gunbroker account to look at the email address on my profile, it was in fact... changed.

i updated my profile, email back to my email and updated my pw. i also verified no activity was on my account, i.e. bids, buys, etc.

question... how did this happen? we work hard to build a trust profile and it seems like our accounts are at risk. does GB offer any 2way auth for us? they require us to store our CCs in their database but this was just a surprise to me that someone was able to login to my account.

@GunBroker Admin , will you please follow up with your security team and maybe have them look at my user profile, account, and check the IP access? the email came in on 09/29/2022 6:35PM EST.

@all other members reading this. have you also run into this? curious of gunbrokers exposure here.



  • Ruger4meRuger4me Member, Moderator Posts: 2,356 ******

    Since this has never happened to me, I can only ask this question, did the email have any statements as I have seen from other companies that states something to the effect of "if you did not make this change, contact us at..."? If it includes something like that I would suggest following those instructions otherwise contact GB support on the auction side as these forums and the members here have no access to assist you.

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