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Interesting piece of history

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At the Battle of New Orleans, the Choctaw scouts were headed by a Choctaw who was commissioned a Brigadier General in the US Army. General Pushamatawaha Mushulatubee.

General Pushumatawaha Mushulatubee might actually have been descended from Lithuanians. He may have taken his name from someone with a knowledge of Lithuanian.

Mushulatubee sounds a bit like “mūsų Lietuvis” which means "our Lithuanian"

His paintings look a lot like King Vladyslav Spindleshanks of nearby Poland.

Edit: I think his name is spelled "mushlatubee" which sounds a lot more like "muš lietuvį" which means "he will beat a Lithuanian." It supports the hypothesis that the Eastern tribes were at one time quite strong and involved in trafficking.

The Chiaha who renamed their land the Irishman's farm in Lithuanian may have had a trafficking victim in their midst as well. I am referring to the Miccosukees. "Ukis" is farm in Lithuanian. That was in Georgia colony in the mid-1700s. Then I suppose the people they pushed off their farms went down to Florida when the US obtained it, and for some reason the Natives followed.

It is another hypothesis of mine that the Choctaw and other strong Southeastern tribes were the actual authorities in their region and they sent Pushmatawaha to keep an eye on the local white militias who were raised to fight the War of 1812. The Army, being people savvy, quickly spotted what was going on and sardonically commissioned General Push a brigadier general in order to perhaps encourage the white settlers to stand up. He only brought a regiment of scouts, not a brigade.

This could only be true if it is true that the Confederate States' numbers were greatly increased by illegal immigration from Canada during the 1840s and 1850s. I can't find firm corroboration for that idea.


  • Mr. PerfectMr. Perfect Member, Moderator Posts: 64,332 ******

    I'm am highly skeptical there is any link based on sound similarities.

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    While in Hawaii, and traveling down Chief Hawkalougie Blvd., I determined that relating sounds from different cultures to find meaning was not only misleading, but can at times bring a smile.

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