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I had a decent

William81William81 Member Posts: 24,736 ✭✭✭✭
edited October 2022 in General Discussion

This A-Fib has been messing with me and keeping me close to home. I usually have some good hours in the morning and then by early afternoon I am crashing out and have to take a nap.. Today my Bride and I headed out for a nice day. We went to one of our favorite little taverns and had a nice lunch. We headed to a nearby lake and conservation area. There are a couple lakes and a nice hundred yard range.

We arrived and set up to shoot. The place was swarming with Yellow Jackets. They got in the truck, were all over the gun cases. We shot 15 rounds of .44 mag and had to call it a day before I got stung... I was trying to get a couple handguns sighted in just in case I can hunt sometime this year.

Hit the lake and caught some small bass and crappies. I lasted about half an hour and had to go home and crash out for an hour or so. I took a ride around the area just before sundown and got a few good pics before it got too dark. The buck was really nice, but too dark and moving when I took the pic..

Overall today was about the best activity day I have had this month.....hoping to get in and get this fixed soon...


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