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Credit Card Fee Question on Auctions

I have my GB account setup for a Credit Card fee for the buyer to pay when they are purchasing an item. My question is... Is there any way to designate per auction item if I want to charge a CC Fee? For example I have Action 123 and have a 3% CCFee, but on Auction 234 I do not want to change a CC Fee. Is this possible. I can not find anywhere that allows me to charge or Not change a CC Fee per auction?


  • AlbinsFirearmsAlbinsFirearms Member Posts: 14

    The credit card fee is fixed for all auctions unless you don't allow credit cards as a payment type on a particular auction or auctions. Individual credit card fees for auctions cannot be handled by the Gunbroker system. Thus it is either 3% credit card fee, or no credit card fee for all listings which accept that as a payment type. Another option would be to include a note within your auction that any credit card fees would be credited back to the buyer after the sale. However, that just means more work for you.

  • MikeFinkMikeFink Member Posts: 36

    Just "say so" in the auction title and again in the payment section.

  • BullzeyeTacticalBullzeyeTactical Member Posts: 2

    If you have it setup to do the % in the profile, it will charge the percentage when the customer checks out through gunbroker, even if you "say so" in the title and payment section.

    Looks like you have to charge a credit card fee or No credit card fee on All your auctions, not choose which ones individually to charge CC and which ones not too.

  • MikeFinkMikeFink Member Posts: 36

    I agree but I have seen some that only mention the fee In "additional terms of sale" They don't use the "immediate check out".

  • rsnyder55rsnyder55 Member Posts: 2,525 ✭✭✭

    Is it possible to have two auction accounts with one charging CC fees and the other not?

  • x3firearmsx3firearms Member Posts: 4

    I have had my account up for a long time. I wanted to change the Credit card percentage. I understand it i'snt possible per auction, But for the life of me I can't figure out how to change my default. Anyone know?

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