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Remington Model 10 Trench Shotgun

Philwal6_Philwal6_ Member Posts: 1

Hello, I received a shotgun from an estate and as my closet is full, I was going to move it along. It is in decent enough shape for a working shotgun. However when researching it, I find that the receiver is in the range of the WW1 model 10A trench shotgun 128000 to 166000. It is U157152.

The barrel & furniture do not appear to be from the same period. This looked like it was rebuilt after the war as a hunting shotgun. Far be it for me to judge those in the great depression. Do to a poorly aging re-bluing, I am unable to see ordnance department markings on the Left side.

My question is, are there those that will collect this weaopon just for the authentic receiver. I have a sense of history & collect older battle rifles, I'm also a realist that this is far from collectible condition, it is just the receiver. Any ideas?


  • GunswapperGunswapper Member Posts: 1,027 ✭✭✭

    Clear pictures will help.

  • thorhammerthorhammer Member Posts: 955 ✭✭✭

    So you would assume someone would cut the barrel down and reproduce it into a trench shotgun, but missing the military cartouches on the stock and metal. Is the barrel stamped full choke? Unless you see IC or CYL on the barrel it would identified as a fake right away. I don't believe there is enough military provenance to change the shotgun into that configuration as it would be costly to do the changeover. I came across a Winchester model 97 at a gun show this year with a 20" barrel, stamped full choke for $500. I passed knowing the barrel was cut down. I would leave it as is and sell it for what it is right now, not what it could be.

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